Flash your xbox without opening it?

is there a way to flash your 360 without opening it? with like a usb?

Not possible as far as i know

No not that i know of you can hotswap without opening only with a benq drive though.

Hot Swap dosent work either…

benq? How can you tell what kind of drive you have?

Doubt It You Have To Have A Benq Not A Lite On I’m Pretty Sure.

try that

Ok cool im pretty sure i have benq.

in the hole do you have yellow or white wires?

i got yellows…

yea i did not understand that part, which hole? lmao.

You should see wires in the hole under the DVD drive

Use a flash light and try pointing it up from the bottom of the oddly shaped hole :smiley:

You should be able to just tilt it around, but, he could also have a Hitachi I believe where there are wires. Or is it Samsung?

you didnt need to make that post he’s trying to figure out his, your color doesnt help

o its white :smile: yay

[QUOTE=SelenaGomez<3;37133]o its white :smile: yay[/QUOTE]

Lucky you :stuck_out_tongue: I bought DL dvd’s and found out after that I had a Lite-On >_>

I still got to return the dvds though :smiley:

But the console is banned :anguished:
I gotta hitachi on my non banned xbox.

what about this
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