flash360.exe got still fatal crash intercepted!‏

I have to clicked flash360.exe into the media folder, so said “fatal crash intercepted” to my error message wil be cause a bad accident like i did started to dashboard menu on my RGH nand side only. Here is my big problem: Hard drive errors such as dashboard freezing, corrupted game saves and updates can become worse and eventually crash. And then i went to find se7enSin forums on website, they told me to use simple nand flasher to obtain flashdmp.bin What’s next for flashdmp.bin?

Hard drive can’t connect to my xbox 360 console, because of flash360.exe may cause Hard drive errors.

Now, I have system error say E71 on the TV screen, i think i need to buy some rrod red ring service. Help me to fix my RROD and flash360.exe as well. Let you know how to fix this.:’(

RGH cant use flash 360, ****s old. Use Simple Nand Flasher