Flashed 360 question

How much do you guys think I could get for my flashed 360 if I put it on gumtree or something?

It’s a falcon and I have 140+ games.

Mods I’m not trying to sell it here, I’m only asking the value as I have no idea.

Is it a phat, elite or slim? I’d say on average around 130 for a new one so about 80-100 for a second hand one. I don’t really count the games as you can get them free. But obviously you have bought the disks and shizz so maybe add on 20 quid.

It’s a phat, if it was like 20 games I wouldn’t add them on but 140+ is quite alot.

That is alot of games. I checked Craigslist in UK just to see what stuff was selling for and I think if you include the games you should be able to get around 200, maybe more. I suggest you throw it up on Craigslist as well, and price it at what you would like to get, people will make offers and you’ll see what people are actually willing to pay.

I didn’t even know we had craigslist here, I was hoping to get around £150. I want to get a wheel for my Xbox One.

£200 for a used console? what!

I picked myself up a flashed rgh for £140 brand new, so I don’t see how you could get over £100 for it…