Flipping a switch with a cellphone (finished project)

Phone vibration=>dc motor=>cogs=>switch

The point of this project was to figure out how to flip a switch using the vibration of a cellphone.

The vibration part was easy, all I had to do was remove the built-in rumbler and solder wires onto the contacts.

Now the switch part was difficult and is where I spent most of my time. Eventually I decided to use the part in a pc cd player that ejects the tray. It is basically a dc motor that spins cogs that then changes the motion to go forward. I put a switch where the tray would be so instead of ejecting the tray it flips a switch. I wanted to go with a thick psu (220v 10amps) switch, but had to go with a smaller variant (220v 3amps) due the pushing force not being strong enough.

The switch wires are connected to a screw contact, a smaller type of what is common in lamps.

To show that the switch worked I made a simple led circuit on a small breadboard.

If you have any serious questions or suggestions to improve the prototype, feel free to post them.

The tape on the phone is to cover part of the phone number.

Ready to make bombs now? Those you see on movies
Maybe you are one of those terrorists :open_mouth:

Anyway, good job man :3


Yeah the movie bombs is where I got the idea from. I haven’t bothered learning how bombs work but I imagine that it wouldn’t be very hard to attach one to one of these things since the switches power rating should be enough for any battery.

Edit: just to be clear. It isn’t meant to be used for bombs. I just wanted a similar mechanisms.

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Could you add it to something like a light or some other electronic devices to use it as a switch.
I dont have much knowledge about it but, would it work adding it to a old lamp or something to be used as a light switch.
For example, i dont know if thats the most usefull device you can use it to but would be cool if you could build it tied into something bigger.

Because in practice what you have is a trigger or switch. Whatever you want to call it.
And would be a shame if you dont find any use for it.

Are you familiar with arduino? You prob have a good time with one, and you have all the knoledge required to play with it.

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Yes it could be added to a lamp and any other appliance. The limiting factor is the switch power rating. To much amps and it will become hot, possibly melting it eventually. The amp rating could be increased using another disc ejector with increased voltage, making the pushing force strong enough to flip a heavier switch.

But wiring 120/220v without proper education is not safe and if any fire were to occur you can bet your ass you are not going to be covered by any insurance.

@Spray I haven’t played around with arduinons actually. I have with a raspberry but nothing interesting other than a game thingy.

Edit: The game thing is a improved version of this: https://www.raspberrypi.org/learning/python-quick-reaction-game/

Going to buy a led driver for the raspberry in the near future and see what I can make.

We had it in school, we made a 666 cube i think and a lot of other stuff :3

So its an excellent idea if its succeed? And a terrible if it fails.
I see. Probably not worth it.

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