Focus issues in windows and auto alt-tabbing out of game

Not sure after a few updates back on Wemod I started having a Focus issue while playing games and using wemod. After some time playing a game the window focus will change back to the desktop and wemod app. Its like it auto alt-tabs back to the desktop out of the game. I can click on the game in the start bar and go back to playing. I’v tried to replicate the issue but only happens when i’m using wemod. Any tip to stop this annoyance. I’m on the latest version of wemod. Did a virus scan/malware scan nothing found. No abnormal programs running in background.


I have run into this in the past as well, but it just kind of … went away. Here’s a link that gives several different options to troubleshoot this issue:

Let me know if any of the options in the link resolve the issue :slight_smile: