Formated 60gb hard drive help

I Formatted :cry:my 60gb hard drive and called xbox and they said I deleted the software on it and I just asking if anyone want to give me there software ???
Or know any websites to get the software on it again ?:help::help::help:

WTH you talking about?

i no what hes talking about ya i dont no were to get software but i almsot did that if yu connect yu hard drive to yur xbox with a fake transfer cable it thinks yur hardrive is a usb and yu can format it and turn it into a usb instead of buying one thats what he did that sux bro

I’m guessing he formatted his HDD while connected to his PC, not sure why lol.

@ topic

Mate i don’t think anyone has got the software or a app that can make the hdd readable on the xbox again. It had certain files that made it readble on the xbox + it was partitioned in a certain way when it was manufactured.
There might be someone who knows how to fix the problem though. Seen as horizon devs created the MU manager in the app so they should know more on the prob.
Just bump the thread once a day to see if anyone can help or pm cheater
appart from that you might have to buy a new HDD :anguished:

Found this on xbox360iso:

This little tutorial is put together to help those people who accidentally deleted the Cache folder in Xport/Xplorer and lost everything or just deleted something by accident.
~Note: This may not work or may half way work but its worth a try
-Tools needed
*A connector (Xport/Xplorer) to connect your Xbox 360 hard drive to your PC
*Software and drivers to access the hard drive (usually comes with the CD of the connector you’re using) if you have one. Preferably Xport 360’s latest version

Step One
Connect the hard drive or memory card that had the data you wish to retrieve to your computer. If you wish to open the Hard Drive case and take the 360 hard drive out and connect it like that then that will be fine as well just make sure your computer is off because I am not reliable for the hard drive if it is messed up.

Step Two
Load up your software to look at the data on your hard drive see what is there and what isn’t there. Now if you deleted everything from your Cache folder from your computer and everything is gone there is still hope if you haven’t started saving stuff and formatting your hard drive already.

Step Three
Have Xport 360 (the software) installed on your computer and run that next. If you’re using XP just open it if you’re using Vista/7 run as administrator. The program will load up and will scan for your 360 hard drive. If it is connected properly it will find it and you can just hit ok to load that drive up. If it doesn’t find anything make sure you’re running the program as an administrator and that the hard drive is hooked up properly.

Step Four
With your drive loaded now, at the top where you can see File, HDD/MC, View, and Help, click HDD/MC and click on "Switch to Undelete mode (show deleted files)

Step Five
After your drive has loaded and the program didn’t freeze (sometimes it will) you will have access to anything you have deleted if it hasn’t been over written. Now you will navigate to your profile in Content and then whatever profile the data was deleted from. If everything is deleted then you will see stuff like E000XXXXX (X are different letters and numbers each profile has its own set of numbers no two profiles will have the exact same set of numbers or if you have deleted every thing then you will see å00XXXX because it has been corrupted). Just open each one and the one with the most folders or data on it was your primary profile before it was deleted.

Step Six
When you have found your old profile with the saves and downloads on it just drag the entire profile folder (E00XXXXXXX whatever your profile numbers are but it will Start with an E or å) after its done copying grab anything else you wish to try and restore.

Step Seven
Now comes the part that needs patience, you will have to rename each folder (just the å everything after å is correct) with its appropriate name but don’t worry about files because the file name will remain the same. All profile folders will begin with E (capitalized) and the sub folders in the profile account will either begin with a 4 or a 5 but if you see a folder that something like åFFE07 or anything that goes åFF then that begins with a F but to help you out on your quest to retrieve your data you can go to the game database at xboxmodder and check out what is what there (i didn’t know about this site when this happened to me so it took me weeks to figure out the set order). The names are pretty in a certain order. For example, i figured out that if you see å55XXX then you should switch the å with 5 or if you see åDXXX or any other letter after å then the å should be a 4.

Step Eight
After you did all the sub folders inside of your profile then you move to the sub folders within them. This step is much easier because each folder I figured out is 0. Just go in each folder and change the å to a 0

Step Nine
After all of that renaming and error checking you can now move everything back to your hard drive. You can use Xport 360’s software but sometimes it doesn’t let you copy into the drive so you can use Modio or some other software. Everything you got from the Content folder from Undelete mode should go back into the Content folder on the drive so on and so forth

Step Ten
After everything is back to the right folder unplug your Hard drive and go test it out. Sometimes if all you take is your game saves and leave the stuff that was in Cache out then you will see corrupted when you turn your 360 on and check your hard drive. If your profile is still corrupted then you can look up how to uncorrupt your profile from another tutorial and see if it works but if your luck is like mine that wont work.

Step Eleven(for people looking to retrieve their Gamertag/Profile)
now that you have all of your saves the drive probably didn’t rescue your profile like mine but you can always recover your Gamertag from live and use your game saves when ever you pop in the game.

Na i formetted it and i removed all the firmware


And on the 360 or PC? If PC, look around the web for a copy of the security sector and put it back into the drive. Then the Xbox will recognize it and allow you to FATX format it.

I’m sorry, but that epic sucks!

Dint think it was that simple. Anyway found the Security sector via google
->Click Here<-

I’ve got my 20GB HDD backed up somewhere. But it’s a huge file.

on my xbox i did it

you formatted your hardrive on your xbox? Then it should still reconize it. It only deletes Cache, profile and items such as DLC, Avatar stuff, saves ect. Not the firmware or any important files.

It shouldn’t be.

Why would you format it lol?

dont no just fk up but i put my 20GB xbox with everting on and 0 with nothing on and it said need to format to work and i did

i just need someone to send me there harddirve backup of a 60 gb to put on my hard drive lol