Formatted my Xbox hard drive now freestyle dash gone?

I was having issues with my Grand Theft Auto V because it was flickering and it was freezing up so I decided to format my xbox hard drive hoping it would help. I am now seeing that it was a bad idea because it looks like my Freestyle Dash is completely gone and it goes straight to my regular xbox menu and xex menu is gone too . It is RGH modded and had Freestyle Dash 3 with the most updated version. Please help me get my Freestyle back.

Place on root of hdd and run the default xex to load it.

Google “xexmenu 1.2 download” and just transfer that over to your hdd aswell. You also might have to setup dashlaunch again to get it to boot to fsd and not nxe.

[size=14][b]Why didn’t you just delete GTA V and re-rip it from a retail disc ?


Sounds if you’ve downloaded it, you’ve downloaded a bad copy[/b][/size].