Fortress Craft Relics Locations? does any body no?

Does anybody know where any of the relics are on Fortress Craft?

Speed Boots?
Jump Boots?
Ray Gun?
Water walk?
Head Light?

AND! how the **** do you get the big metal pick axe?

i can show you if you join my game, they are kinda easy to find

Know** and not so far, go check out kinks modded save and use it. It’s easier.

They are all placed randomly.

That metal pickaxe is “recon” The creators felt like douchebags and gave themselves recon that noone else can get. It’s sort of them saying “We made this crappy game, and to make it even worse, we’re going to have an exclusive item that you can’t get”

Chase can i join?
i need them also

Same here

****in Mother ****ers!

They are at random, always in the ground and somewhat near you. When you get close enough, they make a distinct noise. I recommend just using my gamesave to save yourself some time, doing glitches or not, still takes a while because of nighttime and such.[gamesave][direct-download]-fortresscraft-[all-relics-unlocked].html

Samezz My GT:SionSeville

Ok Cheers Kink :smiley:

Can anyone help me find any relic?
My GT = x ZRG

I need them,too!

Im sure that theres a gamesave or some data file i can find that has all the relics

Kinks gamesave. Also, this is what, a 4 months bump? O.o

Please don’t bump an old thread, thanks. From Chillz: Go here if you want a save with all relics unlocked:[gamesave][direct-download]-fortresscraft-[all-relics-unlocked].html


Check here for the people looking:[gamesave][direct-download]-fortresscraft-[all-relics-unlocked].html , also:

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Since when is recon used to describe something exclusive? O_o