Fortress Craft Texture Packs and Minecraft Maps *Coming Soon*

I just watched this video:

And now I am really excited. If you didn’t watch the video basically, if you have a USB you can use texture packs on fortress craft, and use your MINECRAFT maps on fortress craft. The update is getting submitted Sunday. It will also fix some bugs.

omfg, it was so worth my money

XboxMB fortresscraft!!!

still gay

I need 20 more Msp to get it. I got 220 :anguished:


That sucks.

I added the video to the main post. It actually was working, but my AdBlock was blocking youtube videos… I deleted the filter though.

That’s sweet. I hope someone makes a texture pack to make Fortress Craft look like Minecraft… I hate the way Fortress Craft looks.

sign up on rewards

I just took the survey, but I didn’t get the 20 points?

takes time

F****ING STUPID. Until they ffix it so that I don’t lose my entire map I built by joining my friends game… IT’s the most stupid game ever made. Add a save world option with 3-5 slots and allow us to load those worlds! I built a huge ass mansion, staircases, all underground and it went up to a balcony on top with a relax area through the mountains, passage to the top with xboxMB written on top of it. I join my friends game, leave, and load my game. Everything is gone.

Also allow us to kick griefers. I ffirst was doing it and then my entire house was griefed.

**** You Fortresscraft, **** You!

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