Forza 3 Mod Tips

Ok, so I just bought Diamond like 2 days ago, and when I was first modding Forza 3 I was having trouble doing it. When ever I used Horizon and saved the file and loaded on my xbox, all it did was restart my account. I have finally got it done properly.
The programs I used were Horizon ( obviously ) and Party Buffalo Drive Explorer.

Steps to hack forza 3,

  1. Insert your usb to your xbox 360, go to system settings and move your game save to the usb.

  2. Put usb into computer/laptop open Party Buffalo Drive Explorer, click open drive.

  3. Go through the file until the end and it should say Forza Profile. Right click and extract the file to your desktop, I did it twice so I had a backup.

  4. Delete the Forza Profile from Party Buffalo Drive Explorer.

  5. Open Horizon, open the Forza 3 mod, click open and select your Forza Profile, add as much money you want, the max is 999,999,999 cr.

  6. Save the file.

  7. Go back to Party Buffalo Drive Explorer, right click and select inject file, use the modded file.

  8. Put usb back into your xbox360. Go back to system settings and move your Forza save from the usb back to the hard drive.

  9. Take out the usb and then open Forza, This should work correctly. :smile:

Also, alot of people have been saying they are getting banned once they buy out a car for to much money. I used 2 accounts to do mine, I modded my spare account and then auctioned a car on the account I want to play on. And bought it out with the spare modded account. I have done this 2 times and have not been banned. I suggest auctioning an expensive car just to be safe.

Happy modding :smile:

If you don’t want to be banned, don’t mod that many credits. I mod around 800k on my main account and I have never been banned.

Although good tut, thanks for posting.

Yeah I was worried about modding so much. I first tried it on my brothers account and managed to reset his Forza profile, but yeah, i thought I would have been banned modding that much but I guess I got lucky this time.

I already posted this but its in thread dust… But what evz.

dont do that much most 1 mill but nice tut bro :wink:

my save says corrupted save?

Do you have a backup file? If so, delete the modded file, load the backup file. And remod.

added 200,000,000 credits
Level 50
and default exp

No ban, 200mil is more than enough.

I’ve put max cr on mine and several peoples accounts and nobodies been banned. Its only when you start giving tons of money to people by buying there cars over the market all at once is when the anti-cheat kicks in and bans you from the storefront and market. And I’ve even given away over 700 mil in about an hour over the market to several people, and I still havent been banned. And even then, if you do get banned you can unban yourself by deleting your gamesave and starting from scratch. Just save all the tunes of the cars you want to keep, that way when you remod the new gamesave all you have to do is buy the cars and install the tunes and you have all your old cars back.

Saw the first flaw in your tutorial.
You’re using a USB, be true and use a transfer cable.

I gotta question.

If in the case I do get banned… will it be a perm ban or a suspension?
Should I play it safe and do it on a crappy silver account?

If I mod 999,999,999 credits, am I able to just disconnect my xbox from the internet and do it that way?

I have a transfer cable, but it wont read my Hard drive, which is the reason why I use a usb

If you get banned you will be banned from Auction House, and Store Front, if you backup your profile and game save, if in the case that you do get banned just delete the profile and gamesave and put your backed up one back on. I modded a silver account and then put a gold trial on it, then bought out a car on my normal account. I have not yet been banned. And I’m pretty sure the account that buys the car gets banned, which would not be your good account.

Ahh i miss transfer cable but then i got the new xbox :anguished:

Acctually im not sad :smile:

was this patched? Because i got a message saying that my file was tampered with and that i cant proceed, then i got kicked back to the dashboard. its giving me the same message when i put back my clean save too.

I Modded it to 999,999,999 :wink: And nothing happened to me :confused:

For me to delete my gamesave didnt work. I still can´t buy anything from storefront or auction house. And I really delete everything. So, now I start new game for my other console. I think that some cases, its the console witch was banned, not the gamertag.

P.S. If someone has too much cars, you can send me couple… :wink:

GT: Hoopo008

Here… Try this… It worked for me :smile:

1.) Delete ALL saves associated with your account

2.) Delete the Cache on your HDD

3.) Disconnect your internet connector (Cable or Wireless receiver)

4.) Sign in to your account OFFLINE and start up Forza

5.) As soon as it does it’s first save before you do ANY races, turn off your Xbox and get your HDD or USB connected to your computer

6.) Mod what ever you please and Rehash and Resign the Gamesave

7.) Insert save device back into your Xbox, sign in on OFFLINE mode, and enjoy!

~ They probably have a cR. cap now so I would do all the things that don’t involve the Auction House or Storefront first then go online. Hopes this helps :smile:

Try to delete ALL saves associated with your profile and start fresh :/…