Forza 3 mod tool

I use Modio to get my ForzaProfile off my memory stick then open it in Horizon then I change all the values. Then press save. I also use Modio to put it back on to memory stick. After I load up Forza and click on memory stick to load from, it says invalid profile… :anguished: Any help?

you might have went over the money limit also use xplorer360 or xport360
if you use USBXplorer
An alternative to using a Transfer Cable by using a USB pen drive.

XPort360 v2.14
For Use with a Transfer Cable to an Xbox HDD.

try those and sometimes it helps to make a new save on forza and delete everything do the tutorial and then mod your money and xp

I have no idea check out my tut on it!

I did that and it said the same thing, so I used my backed up file and just modded it and it worked (:
Good Luck

I modded the money to 500,000,000. That’s okay isn’t it?

I didn’t… I just pressed save on Horizon then used Modio to put it back on to the memory stick. :smile:
Off Topic: StevenWongo! :smiley: I remember you from Game-Tuts. xD

dont use modio, modio is a mistake it will screw u up! and yes you can mod to 999,999,999 dont do it too much if your online theirs a very very small chance of getting banned plus who needs 999,999,999?

I’ve gone by all these tips… And now it makes me do the first race again. :confused:

okay do the tutorial race then mod and u should be fine

if not then the tool is dead and needs update but im pretty sure its not

I’ve successfully modded. All I done was done 2 championships then modded… :stuck_out_tongue: But now, anything to do with the Auction House says ‘Feature Unavailable. This feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see for more info.’ :anguished: Why does T10 hate me? Lol.

did i help you at all?

Yeah, thanks :smiley:

no problem =D

You just have to use the mod tool then save, it automatically rehashes and resigns it, nothing else needs.