Forza 3 Unicorn Cars Gifting FREE!

Hey everyone i am offering to gift forza 3 unicorn cars the cars you get are the following

Q: Word on the street is that there are cars which are normally unattainable in Forza 3 and they go by the term “limited edition” or “unicorn.” What that all about?
A: Yes there are 3 exclusive Unicorn cars that are only available on the Forza Motorsport 3 Auction House. These cars are extremely rare and will usually go for very high prices on the Auction House And only about 4 or 5 times a year. The Turn 10 community team will also be offering these cars to winners of our officially sponsored competitions. Visit the Forza Motorsport 3 community forum here for more on these events.

They also stopped the auctions and comps a while ago so these cars are unatainable
The three unicorn cars are:
2006 Subaru Impreza S204
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe
2002 Mazda RX-7 Spirit R Type-A

PLEASE NOTE: I was able to gift them on xbox live but got console banned!!!

Forza 3 Unicorn Cars Gifting Service (Legit Video Proof) - YouTube

Follow these steps to get these cars

  1. Post here

  2. Send me your gamesave and xbox profile that that save is on send it to me in a PM

  3. If you ask me i will also put 999,999,999 CR on your save

  4. I send you your save back and i delete both your account and save off my pc

  5. I will null the ID’s of the device id and console id as i have to change it to use it so you must change it back :smile:

  6. After changing the device id’s and and console id load your save on your profile and boom done you will have unicorn cars

Notes: Do not gift them as it results in almost instant console ban (happened to me and D3FEKT)
Before people say u cant change ids without curropting the save you can change the device id and console id go ahead try it :smile:

I will only do a certain ammount of saves a day as some profile can be pretty big


i read the comments in the video… “We do not gift these cars anymore please dont ask”

Well hes not using the same method if you actually read. -__-

if he is still doing this i would ask for x3 of each unicorn car

x3 s204 subaru
x3 camaro ss
x3 mazda rx-7 spirit r

Thank you :smile:

Yes i am still doing this and sorry you will only get 1 of each

can we get the null car also and is it still possible to do even if the profile is banned from receiving and gifting cars

  1. Send me your gamesave and xbox profile that that save is on send it to me in a PM

Can anyone say he’s legit? I don’t fancy sending my profile over.

Yes i can vouch, this guy is 100% trustworthy and 100% legit.

Cars look cool guess, shame I got banned from buying and selling :anguished:

can i get a RX-&7 Spirit R please my gamertag is TLE MagicDrift please this would be great if you can

Are you still doing this mod? If so, can you hook me up?

For Forza 3? No. Forza 4? Maybe if approved by staff

I still do this my Xxchr0m3kingxX account i cant login to it for some reason this is my new account

And yes i can do forza 4

Hey i’ll pm you in a minute with the stuff i would like + profile and gamesave.

you still doing this an its on forza 4 as well?

wanna gift me unicorns ? :stuck_out_tongue:

hey looking for forza 3 unicorn cars, can you help ,

Is he still doing this?

I want unicorn camaro and the credits … :smile: