Forza 4 Bans

Forza 4 was released on 10/11/11 with a ban wave on 10/12/11.
People modded their credits, level and XP. Most people barely modded anything and received a ban, others…well they weren’t so sneaky.

In Forza you can be banned for the following:
-Modding your credits
-Biding a high amount on the auction house
-Asking for a lot more then appropriate on the auction house
-Gifting more than 3 cars a day. [Both Players]
-Gifting a car bought with banned money [Both players] (sometimes)

Forza 4 bans are console and profile flags that disable the online features in Forza 4.
The only way to attempt to un-ban yourself is to email:

There may be an un-ban wave since a lot of innocent people were actually banned. Thanks to the bidding trap.

The best way to mod would be to mod $500,000 every few hours and just sit still in a race (to add game time) and mod XP and level slightly.


Have a friend make you a second account and recover it. Mod the second account offline. Only money & Level. Edit your cars the you unlock in campaign to your liking and go online and gift them 3 a day to your account.
You can sell the cars if you like but be careful.

Good luck everyone

you got this info from where?

What if you gifted 3 cars to three different people? Why would they get banned?

My friend on XBL modded his credits and he emailed them saying it was a bug and they said he did one of the following (in the post) and he was banned for that.

The last one is what I’ve been doing and it seems to work.

That’s how they bait modders. Just like the auction house. If you do it you might get away with it, but most likely not.

Will I ever be able to be unbanned?

No, they are permanent. Sorry…

You could be if you email them and they find it in their hearts to un-ban you < 3

But probably not :expressionless:

Microsoft + hearts = error

^ that’s what happens in my calculator.

that sucks, it really isnt fair i put a chevy spark up in the auction house for 100,000 and next day i got on i was banned. thanks for the help. do you play?

Yeah I got banned for putting the expensive Lambo up for 26,000 and made the ending bid 30,000,000. I just took it back to Wall-Mart and told them it banned me after I downloaded the second disk and I got a full refund.

If they un-ban everyone then I might come back to Forza 4 but I’m not going to play a game that bans me for not modding.

Oh just do (Microsoft + < 3) x (23 divided by 0) and see what you get

so are the unicorn cars just a trap for modders? because they have to know its to early to do that no one has any money over probably 50 mill

Pretty much so. I saw one for 300,000 and placed a bid on it. 5 mins later it was up to 5million. Just avoid that section for a long time.

they’ll be more relaxed about these bans in time…

yea hopefully they will keep them going for a while cause i really do want the unicorn lambo

I have it, but oh wait. I’M ****ING BANNED!

I think anyways. I never received a ban message on the news feed.

As soon as i know i am banned, i am buying diamond and modding the **** out of my profile


They just ban people for hardly anything on this game. I’ve never played Forza before 4 and I got banned before modding!

i got banned… for putting a Reventon up for sale for $1…

They don’t ban people for nothing. Smarten up.
You modded your money, or something alongst that, and though you could get away with it.
You say you hardly ever played, but you had the MOST EXPENSIVE Lambo in the game and sold it? I highly doubt you did nothing. You modded the game, get over it. Don’t argue.

You are an idiot putting that up at 1$.
You obviously modded money and thuoght you could give cars by putting them on the auction house at 1$ and show off to all your friends that you could get them any car they wanted wth modded money
No one was banned for being legit. Everyone either played the game before release, had the iso and went online right it, or modded their EXP,Level or money.

Your on a MODDING SITE, you know the terms and conditions on the Xbox. You know what happens when they catch you modding, so dont moan about it if your banned. Its YOUR fault, not mine, not Xboxmb. its YOUR OWN FAULT

Yeah I know I’m not blaming the site, I was simply stating what I knew. I returned the game and got my money back so it does not matter to me if I am banned from it.

Car tokens buddy…3 of them for the Lambo as well as any other expensive car… I did that before I bought Diamond.

And was that the starting bid or the buy now kind of bid because a lot of people were banned for putting cars below the asking price in campaign.