Forza 4 Credit Modding Idea to Avoid Ban

This is something really simple but im thinking it will work i just did it myself so ill find out before anyone if it causes a ban.

*Find out how many credits you need for the cars you want
*Mod the Exact amount of Credits to save
*Unplug Internet and load Save
*buy your cars then Dash(I did if you don’t want to its up to you)
*Plug internet back in load save and you should be Good

This way your save matches what they have the only thing is your garage value will be higher but idk if they check that considering tokens are in the game and the cars purchased with tokens increase garage value. Let me know what you guys think

People have already tried that. They can still see some how, that you modded it even extrusivly to match everything to the “T”. It might be the “flags” offset, or it might be something additional.

I’d be careful and/or hold off modding until someone figure out exactly how they are figuring it out. (Unless you just want to mod offline, then by all means)

Im not sure man i tried this last night if i get banned ill be sure to report it

it want work withing 24hours youll be banned

That was the worst grammar I’ve ever seen…

OT: Report whether it works or not

I like this forum, great! !

haha forgot about my own post yeah im still not banned still having fun in the auction house and storefront

Terrible grammar :expressionless:

You might be one of the lucky ones then, I am going to wait and see if it’s solved. I don’t want a ban :worried:

I’m one of the lucky ones. I modded mine about 2 days after release, only ban I’ve gotten from Turn10 is on the forums because my Gamertag at the time was CEO of Turn10 and they became jelly xD

It’s just not worth the risk to me. Besides I’m having fun in my cheap cars and the events board. I’ve already earned over 1.4m and my garage worth is just over 3m.

And I’m only 5.6% into my career.

Good luck though, hope it works out for ya.


Open Me

free credits plox?

This worked for me:

  1. make an alternative account with a trial of xbox live.

  2. add your main account to the friends list

  3. mod alternative profile with tons of credits

  4. buy the cars you would like with the credits

  5. gift the cars to your good account

  6. get alternative banned but not main :smiley:

I’ve just done it and it works fine

Yea just wait, you’ll get hit with it too.
Thats how the other half of the banned Forza 3 modders got banned.

They are just banning the obvious ones right now. buddy of mine did that on 3 with 2 dummy accounts just to see how long until those accounts would get hit, and the modded one got banned in a matter of days, next the other account got banned in a matter of months. (That gifted account was just that, gifted vehicles, nothing else).

Well, in any case, good luck

Tried this shortly after it came out. They figured it out by the next day. And I wasn’t greedy with money or cars.

Nice on theory, but they not only ban the GT but flag the console. So having an alternate account might not work.

I modded my account to max money and have bought all the cars i want i have also bought cars from my friends for 50mil and currently im still not banned.

why dont u stfu kid

my freind sold me a car for 10 mil when i modded mine, and he was the only one not banned