Forza 4! Having problems burning to DVD

Yes I am using Dual layer DVD+R. I have been burning games for over 3 years now and this is the first time I have ran into this problem. Do I need bigger DVD’s or what? :expressionless:

You need to upload to a site that hosts images. We can’t see it.

It is xgd3 I believe.

There is a tutorial here how to burn them:

Also it will require 2 disc.

I just got the picture up :thumbsup:

c4eva said not to burn this game anyway. Apparently there’s more checks.

I used this tutorial and I got it burning now :thumbsup: I will update if the game works when it is done :smiley:

No he just said not to play it yet.

Use that link ^^^

Edit: Chris, you sly dog, you beat me to it…

This. Wait until a retail leak is out. :sunglasses:

It is a retail leak. Otherwise you couldn’t download the game cuz no one would have it but since it got leaked anyone can download it. :laughing:

Its not full retail. You can’t import you Forza 3 save into Forza 4.

Or can you? If you can I want a PAL leak now! :smiley:

Yes it is a full 0800 rip of the game. It is full retail

No PAL rip yet? :anguished:

I haven’t seen one yet.

Follow this:

Here is the PAL 0800 rip of Forza 4, discs 1 and 2:

OMG Woop! Ty.

Okay so I followed that tutorial and my burn failed… :cry: I don’t know what to do? I guess ill just wait for someone else to figure it out cuz I’m sure everyone else will be having problems too :confused:

I have the XPG Forza 4 my disc 1 works but… Disc 2 shows up as Mixed Media Disc… anyone can help me out on this?

Update your IMG burn. Go to help, check for update and update it. Then it will say there isn’t enough space and will give you the option to overburn or trunacate, choose the bottom option (Trunacate) then it will work.

@Dante, that’s just your burn, my disk 2 works fine. Try downloading a different disk 2 iso.

Also, turn Verify off in img burn, you will get errors.

Also again, I think you can still play Forza 4 without problems depending on your disks, because the one thing in common that people that get the “Un authentic disk error or whatever” have is they are using Verbatim disks. I’m using Memorex and some other kind and have been playing for hours and haven’t run into a single problem yet.

Even more edits: Be sure to go to settings > write > and in the write set the layer break for Calculate Optimal.

That’s just my 2 cents.