Forza 4 - How did you get banned?

Thought I’d get a poll together, that way people can see what the majority of people get banned for. They can decide for themselves what the least risky option is, should they choose to mod anything :smile:
The more specific, the better.

Also, I haven’t got the game yet, so it’s also partly for my benefit. :smiley:

Edit - If you vote ‘other’, would you kindly specify what exactly you did?

Got banned for modding :confused:

The correct answer to this question is simply. “I modded”.

That may be the case, but most people want to know why and how so we can not get caught :wink:.

You’re both sort of missing the point of the thread :smile:
If others can see how you got banned, they can see if a certain method has a noticeably higher rate of getting banned.

For instance - If 200 people got banned for modding 20million credits straight onto their main profile, but no-one gets banned for modding 100million onto a second account then transferring it, then people will start using the latter method, due to it’s low chance of receiving a ban.

I plan on modding cR to an second acc, then transferring it bit by bit from a spare xbox. That way, even if the modded acc gets banned, I still have lots of monies on my main acc.

You understand?

This guy understands.

Yes, but Turn10 probably has a system set up to detect where the credits from a modded account go, so bam 2 bans in one or something along them lines. For your answer, none yet. I’ll screw around on my account when I get Forza soon.

If you transfer between two profiles on the same xbox, maybe. Take my example though - using two separate xboxes.

What if I put a car up for auction, and someone decides to buy it with modded credits? They’re not going to ban me for that.

That’s what I was thinking but some guy posted something about it effecting both players. Different consoles and all.

Really? I don’t see how they could do that…

If some guy spends 4 days painting a car, and decides to make the buyout stupidly high, some kid with 500million modded credits could come along and buy it without caring.
Why would they ban the guy that painted it?

It’s fairly obvious if someone puts up a stock Fiat 500 for 999,999,999 cR, and it gets bought within two minutes, but that’s just stupid. I’m sure a few people here have done that though…

I haven’t gotten banned yet :smiley:

Exactly that’s my point. I don’t see why they would do it. If it is true though it’s some bull****.

The most efficient way to not be banned will be to launder money through a time consuming process, surely.

but why would you be stupid enough to put a car on auction for a stupid price anyways, thats just dumb :laughing:

Have you not seen the absolute state of some of the paintjobs people make? People in Forza 2/3 used to spend weeks painting them, and they’d sell for hundreds of millions.

Unless you were referring to what I said about putting a stock Fiat 500 up for sale :laughing:

Exactly. It takes a fair amount of time earning credits legitimately, it takes seconds to add them with Horizon. Why not spend an extra 5-10 minutes trading between accounts to make sure you don’t get caught? Some people…

I modded level to 150, probably what got me banned.
You can easily see modded levels, it’s public.

Money modding I’m not too sure… There has to be a security check that catches people.

150, for real? You crazy.

Surely they’d just implement a simple check, perhaps an algorithm that calculates if your money is the amount it should be depending on races you’ve won and things you’ve bought and sold.

I got banned for making a bumper sticker that said “NoBama” with the red-white-and blue “O” made famous in the campaign. If you voted for Obama it’s cool with me, everyone has their own opinion. I do think that if someone can make a pro Obama bumper sticker and put it up for sale, I should be able to put up an anti Obama sticker. I also made an anti walmart sticker hahahaha so maybe it was for that.

Oh and I don’t really play forza online, so would they ban me for modding credits just from online forza? or from XBL all together?