Forza 4 jtag install help needed

hi ive got my 1st jtag ive had it a couple of days now and ive been puting xbla and games on it ok ive ran in to a problem could anybody tell me how to put games with multiple iso file on i.e forza 4 battlefield 3 rage

There is no point in copying Forza’s second disc you install the second one when you start the first disc and you can’t copy it and install it

so just put disc 1 in only is it.
wot if you use flash fxp could i just put disc one and 2 in the same folder and move that.:expressionless:

forza 4 2nd disc is dlc which means it goes on MAIN HDD in this folder HDD\content\0000000000000000\4D530910\00000002\HERE

“4D530910” is forza 4

forgive me Bircie but i would also like an ans to this thread i hope you dont mind me asking it here also. it possible to have 1 file on the game partion rather than two ,ie. disc one + two. Because with battlefield three its asking straight away for disc two without shutting machine down i dont know of a way to do it