Forza 4 Livery Tool [BAN]

Yeah, I got a 150 hour ban for using the Forza 4 Livery Tool.
Because I got a [GearBox] design and put it in my SF.

Yeah just a warning, Also post if you got banned for using Forza 4 Livery Tool. :cry:

and you put it in your Store Front?..

i got 1200 hour ban lmao

why would u put it on your store front?..thats ur fault.

Yes. :laughing:
I don’t mind I got banned, I’ve not been on my Xbox in like a week.

Understood this is an attention thread, it you do something that will obviously ban you and what’dya know you got banned their is no real reason to make on the thread on the subject is their?

you shouldnt put it in ur store lmao thats complete spupidity

Did you change it?

If you didn’t, you probably left their logo on the car so it was obvious for them to spot.

Even if you do remove the logos, the copied designs are not very hard to spot.

:lol: don’t be a fool money livery and paint job’s why bother puttin on ya s/f ???

Haha i did this too. I got the ban… but i dont care <3

Do it the smart way.

I pulled multiple designs from different types of cars, mashed them into one and created an awesome design (that I spent 30 min on) and put it for 10,000CR, but no one can claim it as their own since it is so different.

It is for the Ferrari Enzo if anyone wants to see it, called Enzo Carome.

i cant go in to the auction house but i have mooded cr and i did not get banned i have like 20 cars

Not gunna lie guys… Just play it legit. Its a racing game for fcks sake , not mw3 or somethin

so how does this tool work?

Has anyone been banned for simply using this tool? What I mean is, unlocking liveries for personal use (career/club/using liveries on other cars), but not putting any on the storefront. Has there been bans for that?

no. i’ve had unlocked liveries, vinyl groups and tuning setups for weeks i havent been banned so your safe. just dont gift them or put them on your storefront and you will be fine.

hey guys i got band for gifting a unicorn car now is there any way i can transfer all my designs