Forza 4 Modding for a noob - Only flashed DVD drive?

Allright - the thing is, that i want to be able to Swap any engine in any car Forza 4, but i have not RGH or JTAG’ed my Xbox, and it is not my plan to do.
i also do not play online, it is a offline Xbox 360 (sometimes online to update firmware)

So, can i rip my Forza disc, and mod the ISO file, and then burn it to a dvd disc, if i have flashed my DVD drive only?

i saw this video: Forza4 ISO MODS, NON JTAG/RGH - YouTube

but i am not totally sure, if i can do it like this:

  1. Flash my DVD drive
  2. Take the ISO file to my PC and mod gamedb.slt
  3. Burn to any given DVD disc
  4. Insert in my Xbox’s Flashed DVD drive
  5. Play with my mod?

is it that easy and simple?

also sorry for my poor english -

Don’t quote me on it, but that’s basically all you need to do. I think you can also just swap out the disc (take apart the Xbox and DVD drive and swap out the discs at a certain point) and install it to your HDD, but don’t quote me on that ether as that was years ago.

He doesn’t need to do that as it it flashed. He can just put it in and play with the mods.

Well, i startede modding (and got an Xk3y instead) - ran abgx360 and every thing, but every time i try to load the disc, it goes almost to the main menu, and then crashes with “this disc is unreadable, bla bla bla”…

how do mod the ISO so i will boot? - we are talking Engine swaps in Forza 4
just like Forza4 ISO MODS, NON JTAG/RGH - YouTube

pretty much followed this guide: [TUT] How to add any Engine to any Car on Forza 4 - Xpgamesaves Xbox 360 Modding Forums

I don’t know anything about modding forza as I don’t have the game. All I know is that you don’t need to hotswap your xbox as it is flashed.

i can not find a thread for “forza 4” unicorn cars. if I unlock these here, and use em myself, am I ok to not get banned? thnx.