Forza 4 money mod

:thumbsup:Pretty sure you wont be banned off the storefront for modding money seeing how they brought in the token system , you can buy tokens with MS points and buy the most pricey cars and then sell them to get money.

once i modded my credits it told me
"this feature is temporarily unavailable go to for more details."
i don’t know if that’s just a problem i’m having because im using an iso, but it only said that once i modded the credits because i was on the storefront/auction house pre-release of the game. i find it odd.

Prolly cause of the ISO.

I just modded my money to max on a second account, not a single problem.

alright i’ll have to mess with it a little bit and see what happens. possibly reburn or rent/install to my HDD and just use the burnt to play. but this is pissing me off quite a lot.

how do I mod forza 4? do i do it with a saved game or game data? Thanks

… Read the post. He wasn’t asking how to mod it.

Ummm yes he was…

You sir need to read his post again very slowly.

People just don’t read.

I was reading the first post, not the reply stating someone else needs help.

hey im trying to mod my game but i got horizon but i cant open it. any help? please

youll be fine. i modded my money on forza 4 to. havent had any problems. and i agree with u i don’t think anyone will get banned for modding money because of the whole token thing

can someone help me out with money plz my gt is swab my nob plz and thanks

Any help on how to mod the money would be greatly appreciated.

You will need to buy Diamond to mod it. Go here: Buy Diamond

Mod can close this thread >.>