Forza 4 Storefront+Club Bannings

Well… Guess I’m banned LOL.
On my second account, hope it doesn’t carry over. Iunno why I’m banned, anyway. Or even if I am. I can’t go into storefront/auction house no more, and all I did was buy 3-4 designs so far. Pretty sad if you ask me.
Also can’t do nothing involving the clubs.

“Search attempt failed.”
“This feature has been temporarily disabled. Please see for more info.”

Good luck, guys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Same same same same

**** life.

What is causing this? Is it really just the editor? That is disappointing. I really don’t want to be banned from this game.

Did you mod it at all? If not have you modded Forza 3 because if I heard if you are banned from that you get banned from Forza 4 to or something.

Ive learned not to mod games until i know there’s no chance of being banned. Especially with all the new games.

So if i modded my forza 3 im banned in forza 4 ? D:

I could not bring older save as this is a brand new account, never played 3rd.
Also, I modded money to 150mil, lvl 150 and exp and bought (3) art designs only.
I’m gonna guess… don’t mod your level as they can see it.
Hope this isn’t a console wide, just account. :confused:


Well, I only modded my money and nothing else and didn’t get banned.
This should be good :smile:

Answer here

That’s why then you modded it to 150 and it takes 24months to reach that rank :laughing:

Alright so we should be safe as long as we keep our level low.
Does level affect anything? Is there even an incentive to mod it?

Didn’t think they could see my rank. :confused:.
Guess they see it.
I’ll let you guys know if main got banned or not - cuz it’s banned on xbl till 25th.

Transfering your banned f3 save supposeably does not ban you on f4 as Slyfuldragon has stated.

Modding to level 150… well, yea. It does. lol.

no. LOL

Banned off Forza 4 here, didn’t even go on a shopping spree.

Only modded XP to level 35, and some mills.

There are more checks that apparently cheater and the devs didn’t find, I only modded 100,000 and I got a message saying I was flagged.

i only was able to get into the auction house/storefront once after that it wouldnt work anymore. i havent got the chance to mod money yet and i did get banned on forza 3 a while back but i was just thinking its the servers or somthing and if it was a ban why wouldnt just say your flagged and banned like it did in forza 3?

I Better not be banned i modded forza 3 ages ago didn’t have a problem.

I can confirm this.

I just tested also with a dummy online profile that I had that was Forza 3 banned.
Transferred the level 50 SAVE over and, I had all online capabilities.

You see, what people are blaming Forza 3 Transfer ban is that they might have transferred their Forza 3 save, saved it, Modded their Forza 4 then BAM! Banned.

If you do a “clean” transfer (from being banned on Forza 3 to not modding Forza 4) chances are, you will not be banned. Call this as Turn 10 is giving you a second chance, be it may, or whatever.

If anything, its probably the servers being bogged down. I’m sure if you were banned, you would get a banned message just like (if not, similar) to Forza 3.

Make sure to check your news feed, most people having the store front/ auction house problems are getting a message from turn 10 saying your gamertag and console are both flagged. So in turn if you got that, your boned 7 ways to sunday.

OP’s post, if you had read, didn’t get that message as they stated earlier

Sounds exactly what I though, a server or connection issue UNLESS like I said, you get a message from Turn 10 stating otherwise (just like on Forza 3).

Granted, I’m not 100% sure (but, pretty sure) because I’m currently in my club and auction house yet I have not touched my Forza 4 file (as far as editing goes) nor do I have plans, I will take Turn 10’s second chance opportunity lol