Forza 4 unban yourself help

Okay so I just watched these 2 video’s and he’s talking about getting your modded/banned forza profile and extracting everything and injecting them into your unmodded/unbanned save. What doesn’t make sense is how do you get a unbanned save after your already banned? Do you start a new forza profile or what? Cause if that’s the case then it shouldn’t work if your already banned.

Here are the 2 videos

this would only work for a gamesave invalidation, not a GT ban from the T10 servers. if your are server banned just make a new GT on a flash drive and you will have access to T10 servers again.

If your account is banned than put that save game on your computer. Then make a new one after deleting the original save that was on your hardrive. Then you can inject all your old stuff and you will be unbanned. Trust me it worked for forza 3

I’m profile banned. I can’t go into the auction house and stuff and I took the profile I had, made a new one then put all the files into that one and I was still banned.

Get at me when you get 3 of your consoles banned from forza 3 and 4.

I was profiled banned but i sent ALL my cars to my friend, and then i deleted my save. Started a new save and he sent me all my cars back and i was good. I dont know how they do it in forza 4 but it was worth a shot. Sorry… but if you start over you can have 999,999,999Cr and all unicorns

if u r GT/Profile banned u have 2 choices. 1 delete everything attached to the banned Profile associated with FM4 off your hard drive, in other words delete the entire FM4 folder, and make a new profile/new GT and u will have access again to online functions. IF u dont delete everything/if u miss something u will ban the new profile instantly. 2 get a new hard drive/flashdrive and make a new profile/GT on the new drive and u will have access again to the online functions.

the video u posted above only works for game save invalidation, it will not work for any type of ban.

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not true, when u r banned or invalidated u can not gift anything to anyone, u have no ability to use the online functions at all.

You have the ability to play online, but not gift/receive gifts, auction house or paintings/tunes.
Same as clubs and rivals are disabled. But quick matches, private matches, and online joining games work 100%.

Worst part is, my other GT got banned while my main was xbl banned for 2 weeks, and it banned my entire console from those options on Forza. All I can do is play private matches.

the info u posted above is 100% correct.

your second paragraph i do not fully understand. your other GT was banned by whom, T10 or MS? and u were banned by MS for 2 weeks so u can play forza in 2 weeks after the ban expires?

Now do a TTG unban! :3 lol JK

Main account banned because of GoW glitch.
Modded Forza on second account.
Second account got banned immediately from Turn10 Servers.
Got unbanned on main account from XBL.
Started Forza for first time on that account EVER, was banned from Turn10 servers while loading up the game.


when u started FM4 for the first time ever on the main account had u deleted everything attached to FM4 on the banned secondary acct.? if u leave behind tunes, designs, vinyls, DLC, anything attached to a banned acct it will ban any new account u make, i have seen this happen before. for testing purposes if u have a flash drive laying around format it and make a new account on the FD then play FM4 from it. i think u can get a month of live for a buck on the dash.