Forza 5 drifting Is Not That Great :(

Just a heads up to anyone that is getting Forza 5 for the Xbox One, it is actually not that good. I have been playing Forza since their first Forza and I have enjoyed the games so so much. I do not enjoy racing on the game I prefer to drift in Japanese cars so if any of you like to drift in Japanese cars the you will probably not be to happy with the car selection. Don’t get me wrong, I also like other cars too, but out of all the cars there is probably less than 15 I would want to buy. The cars are mostly filled with high end cars such as Ferraris and Lambos :anguished:

On the other hand, the graphics are amazing and the new options when it comes to customizing your car and paint is just perfect, never seen anything like it.

Anybody got any questions about Forza that they want to know?

They have 60 planned cars for DLC. 10 every month.
This Forza has a smaller selection of cars, and even the tracks.

So its not that great just because you can’t drift in as many Japanese cars as you previously could? I hope you never review games for a living :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t played since Forza 3? but I can’t believe they would actually have less tracks then before. That is just so weird to not up cars and tracks every new game.

Yeah I know, I understand why they did it, I personally don’t like it because there are so little cars that interest me, I’m sure people that love racing will like the cars more than drifters.

LOL. Well…yes, the driving is awesome and the way the game has been built is great, but since I only enjoy drifting it’s not that great for me because I am so limited with car choices. It’s like saying you love to race except 190 of the cars are “drift” cars and only 10 are race cars if you understand.

It’s only lower because the developers completely are redoing the tracks from scratch apparently.

Also @Sir AFK, for rims, do they have BBS, ADV.1, Wok, Vossen?

How many cars are in the game all together. That sounds ****ty, i would like to drive some silvias :anguished:

Rim choice has completely changed in this game, is it not like the old Forza’s where you just click rims and then look at all the manufactures, instead you have 4 categories which are, Stock, Sport, Multi-Piece and Specialised rims. Within those categories you can then look at all the rims by the manufactures. As for the manufactures you asked about;
BBS - Yes
ADV.1 - Is this Advan? Is so Yes.
WOK - No
Vossen - No

I think there is a total of 200 cars on launch that doesn’t include DLC, they only have one silvia, which is the Nissan S15 and they also have a 240sx.

Damn, and Advan isn’t ADV.1

That sucks, they haven’t been in games yet :\

What is the Prague circuit like?

Have all the rims been redesigned or did they carry over any old ones? I’m glad they changed it, after 4 games the same old rims were getting, well, old. As for wheel manufacturers, do they have Konig and the swedish one that starts with an HRE and how is their selection?

Last, I know you can upgrade tires, but are they all just “Street Tire”, “Race Tire” or can you select from various manufacturers again?

I have not tried out the Prague track yet, or I have and have not realized it xD They do have an awesome test track which is, I think at an airport and there is some nice parts in there like tunnels and whatever.

As for the rims yes they still have Konig and HRE, I would say all rims are pretty decent, the best thing about it is though, is that now with paint selection you can now use chrome as a colour, so pretty much, any rim you want you can have it chrome. Unlike Forza 4 where there were only a few of them.

You can now also choose special paint such a camo (digital camo, like from the old cods and the bubble looking camo), woodgrain (3 types light medium or dark wood), carbon fiber (2 types, I think its gloss and matt), chrome (you can also make chrome colours, for example gold or red chrome) they also have a few other cool paint things too. To add to it, all the new paints I listed above can be painted on any part of the car; rims, hood, spoiler, mirrors or the whole car itself.

One more awesome thing which I have been waiting for Forza to add in forever is white rim, so now we can have full white rims not just alloy.

Tires are still the same, stock, street, race and drag.

What about body kits? More of a selection?

and are preformance upgrades still marked as, street, race, etc?

So far I have only upgraded 2 cars which were the Toyota Supra and the Nissan R32, The Toyota Supra has better body kits, they look alot more nicer and clean, I am pretty sure they are a bit different than Forza 4, I hated the ones of Forza 4 for the Supra, as for the R32 the only thing I could do with it for bodykits was add the Forza front bumber and add a new spoiler or remove it.

Performance upgrades are still the same they are Stock, Street, Sport and Race.

So, the game “sucks” because it doesn’t allow you to drift? I can see how that would make the game not as enjoyable, but shouldn’t be the reason why the game sucks. I was actually going to get forza instead of DR3, but I never really got into a racing game.

No…the car selection is the part I don’t like, it’s filled with boring exotic cars that are fun to drive like once then sell them.

s13 or s14

No, Forza calls them a 240sx this is what I am speaking about.

yea thats a 240sx s13

and this is what a 240sx s14 looks like:

Open Me

In Aus that 240sx s13 we call a 180sx and that 240sx s14 we call a s14 lol.

its forza theres gonna be a **** load of DLC as always
like steven says plus the rest

Misleading title.
Either way I am enjoying the game alot right now. Picked up the Limited Edition like I do for all Forza’s.