Forza Horizon (1/2) Car Modder [Online | No Downloads | Easy To Use]

Forza Horizon Car Modder
The easiest way to mod your Horizon car setups.

Forza Horizon Car Modder is an online modding tool for Forza Horizon.
It’s intention is to let you modify your car setup files. Below is a list of the
things you can modify with my tool in your setups:

  • Bumper (Front, Rear)
  • Camber (Front, Rear)
  • Height (Front, Rear)
  • Hood
  • Rims
  • Toe (Front)
  • Wing

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This is just for anyone who is worried that I might be trying to infect people.

When exporting your car setup file(s) that you plan to mod using my tool,
you need to make sure that the file(s) end with the ".carsetup"
extension or my tool will not allow you to mod it/them.

If you guys have any questions at all, feel free to PM me or post on this thread.
Most importantly, I hope you guys enjoy my tool as much as I do!

hey i have some things you can add to this tool PM me so we can talk

do you know when he will be back?

Hey im wondering if there’s gonna be an update for convert the drive type like AWD to RWD? Or can’t it be done?

You can do it with hex editor but I has to be an awd car. You can make it rear or front but it’s really just a torque conversion. After about 30 miles an hour it doesn’t make a difference unless you have 1000 horsepower.

It’s is there a tutorial of how to do this?

I am going to add a feature that will allow you to control the front and rear power of the car so you don’t need to worry about doing it yourself. This feature will be in my mod tool “Invex” when it comes out (which won’t be long at all).

where can I download the tool at

here are all rim codes it includes unicorn and secret cars

what is the offset for the AWD to RWD or FWD and what are the codes to do so ive been looking for quite awhile

I have them but not with me. Pm me and I’ll send them to you within the week. If I forget message me next week.

I Also have a question. How does it differentiate between horizon one and two because from knowledge one and two only share camber, wheel and ride height codes. Everything else is different(I.E. Bumpers, spoilers and hoods.)

I’ve done reserch and I have experimented and experience Forza four, horizon and horizon two with hex. The rwd and fwd swaps come from the differential. If you look in forza four at the tuning menu the last tab on the right is the differential menu. The torque to frount or back is what makes it possible to do rwd and fwd swaps in AWD cars in other forzas that don’t have tuning. Almost all the codes come from either comparing codes in forza four and implementing them into other forzas or taking two tunes from the same game and comparing them. For example buy a car that has an upgrade to take the wing off. Save the tune with the wing and one without. Compare them. The only difference in the code should be the wing removal. It’s really not that complicated. The drivetrain swaps in horizon and horizon two run off of the differentials torque converter portion. Hence why the wheels still spin if you are against a wall.

And just to clarify. Mark aka vhexing aka xweeny is the best at doing all the stuff with hex editor for forza. He found most of it. He made the public code sheets. He doesn’t do it anymore because he sold his 360 and bought a one. Don’t preach that you’re the best when you aren’t.

You should really read the “NETIQUETTE” guidelines…

You’re obviously not very intelligent. The tool was clearly in progression before you ever came around and you didn’t do much to help it anyways. Stop acting like you’re all high and mighty and that you had some major part to do with my tool’s progression because you didn’t.

I didn’t make any mistakes. You getting your panties in a bunch doesn’t come across as any mistake by me, it just shows me you’re butt hurt. Also, yeah, I guess I’m totally not going to finish it or anything…

You’re wrong; it’s not being coded in C++; as far as you knew, it was being programmed in PHP but due to your lack of knowledge in programming, it’s understandable that you wouldn’t know that. And I love how you automatically assume that anyone else could do a better job than me at it. I guess that’s the type of stupid ass things morons like you think.