Forza Horizon 2 Car Adder

Ive seen a few unanswered topics about this but, it seems the FH2 car adder isnt working. is there something we are doing wrong? if so, how do we fix it

Destination array is not long enough to copy all the items in the collection. Check array index and length.

Absolutely no idea what this means…

Upload your game save so the developers can take a look.

Yup, we need your save files to figure out what the problem is. The file is called ‘ForzaProfile’.

how would I upload the save files and where? im having the same problem :confused:

Extract it from your storage device then upload it to a site like Mega and post the download URL here or send it directly to Unknown.

awesome! thanks :smile: is this correct ?

That link leads nowhere besides to login to mega. The download will have a long string of numbers after it.!uoMVQApL!-7BKd5afQw4iYK2UeR39-IW_IUYFmJsYq8hVzDeXHXk

alright there is my profile! :smile:

if someone could just tell me what to do I can fix it. unless you want to take my profile… I don’t care. but today is really the only day ill have wifi for a while so im kinda in a hurry to get it done :smile:

Until unknown gets a chance to look at it there isn’t much anyone can do.!CgoAkAqS!arUbK6l57qmBHNyuCHoTYAMmV8n75Fg4HDQoUqdoe5Q there you go!CgoAkAqS!arUbK6l57qmBHNyuCHoTYAMmV8n75Fg4HDQoUqdoe5Q

here is mine just in case I already posted it I may have lost it or forgot were it was at

:slight_smile: :smile:

here is mine:!toFzRIST!RSvfsPPxj0IMo3x1zqjo2sR0AVMbyDZw1OBPtySDz9M

I am having trouble with this same issue, unknown please help me I have been dying to get these traffic cars since this game was released!!! UGH! I will post the link to my save below.