Forza horizon 2 mods ban?

If i mod forza horizon 2 on the 360 to have traffic cars and i use them online will i get banned for it?

There is a chance that you will and there is a chance that you will not. Always think of modding as containing a 99% chance that you will get banned if you care about your account. If you don’t go ahead and do it.
Why I say this is, from what I know the traffic cars are NPC cars, and these NPC (non-playable cars) are not meant for players. So if you use them online there is a chance your account will get flagged if they have it set up to do that, or that someone will be a dick and report you.

K thanks, i didnt take to hour of my time playing mw2 to read that last comment but im just not gonna do it until i get my rgh console lol

if you car use a secondary profile for stuff like that

Lol. “If you CAR” #nopunintended

its meant to be care but i guess i didnt press “E” key hard enough