Forza Horizon 2

Game Title: Forza Horizon 2

Game ID: 4D530AA4

Mods Wanted: Anything that is moddable, add

Attach two saves extracted from the CON File, if you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.


Additional Comments: Save Details Download (txt document)

Currently transfer over to my rgh, will update with gamesave/mods asap!

Added savegame + a text document with as much data from the save as possible.

No, that’s how suggestions are supposed to be filled out to make it easier for everyone.

OP - good suggestion love them Forza mods though I won’t be able to use it anymore.

Same features for the previous Forza tools will be available in Forza Horizon 2’s tool, coming later this week.

I only have the game until the 5th so thanks for the update unknown.

Has anyone found any cars on the 360 version where you can do an engine swap or drivetrain swap? every car I have you can only convert to turbo or supercharger. Is this something else the took away from the 360? if so they REALLY REALLY screwed us!

Wen will the mod for forza horizon 2 be out on 360

^^^TROOF CUZ!!! Someone please tell me if it is possible to unlock the traffic cars!?!?! There are some epic cars as traffic cars in this game that I am dying to get my hands on! I know you could for FH1 but havent seen any modders that let you do it through USB gamesave method. Only the JTAG consoles have SQL mods being done to unlock them but i got mine unlocked in FH1 through the Horizon modding software via USB! I cant be the only one who wants this!!! Here is the car list of traffic cars for fun

Any word on this mod tool becoming available to get traffic cars in FH2?

If someone can get me a save file with the Traffic Cars, I can add them to Horizon. Please try not to add any other cars to the profile.

If someone is out there with a modded system and has unlocked the traffic cars in this game, please for the love of God, get your save over to the developer so we can all enjoy some of the sickest cars on the road in FH2. I want to drive the traffic cars in this game more than the actual vehicles!!!

Can someone with a modded xbox 360 and forza horizon save with all traffic cars unlocked please upload your save to unknown v2 so we can all have access to them, I would thank you a million times over! I want to drive those cars more than half the in game cars!!! I mean how do you not put the VR6 Jetta or MKIII GTI or Audi B6 S4 and even the Subaru Legacy? I mean these are some sick tune-able cars!

Has this traffic car save not been obtained yet? What’s the update on it?