Forza Horizon 2

Will/When will Forza horizon 2 be able to be modded like forza 4 on horizon? Anyone know?

Probably not for a long time on the Xbox One. Unknown said he has a tool that should be released within the next week for 360.

For Xbox One? Possibly never.
For Xbox 360? Fairly soon from what I’ve read here on site. Just stay active here and take Horizon updates and you’ll know when it’s possible.

I seriously hope your wrong with the Xbox one. That will really suck if they never come out with an xbox one version. Thanks Though.

Well ya know, for Xbox One, they put everything in the cloud. This means it is nearly impossible to edit anything.

Saves are stored locally first, then synced to the cloud, so it’s possible to modify them theoretically, but we have to figure out how to decrypt the stored content on the HDDs/Storage Devices first.

Forza Motorsport games on the Xbox 360 used several files. One included your gifted vehicles and game progress, another your single layer groups, one for your car designs, and one for tuning set ups. Each file was relatively small but there were 4 of them.

Forza Motorsport 5 and Forza Horizon 2 on the Xbox One use one file for everything but it comes with a price, namely a 35 - 50 MB file size depending on your game progress, amount of cars, paints, layer groups, and tunes. My file size is currently 38.6 MB. Due to this, all FM5 and FH2 saves are stored locally on the console and only periodically updated with the cloud. You could, in theory, never yinc your game save with the cloud if you don’t play online. It may even be possible to modify your local data and then have that sync up to the cloud (though I wouldn’t recommend it) once the xbox is able to be modded.

For now, there are no methods to mod the Xbox One console or games.