Forza Horizon 2

I’m surprised I haven’t encountered another thread relating to the release of Forza Horizon 2. Anyhow, has anyone yet to purchase this game on the Xbox One? I know I have, and it’s awesome! I’d say it is, by far, one of the best racing games I’ve played to date. It’s about damn time there was a decent title released for the Xbox One console. Titanfall became repetitive, very quickly.

At the moment, I’m currently rank 178 or so with a Gold wristband. I believe I have reached the last obtainable wristband in the game and have since then slowed down in terms of grinding events and championships. My favourite car at the moment would have to be the Veneno, as it seems nippy enough and can be thrown into corners and come out on top each race, including the online races.

If anyone wishes to play sometime, my gamertag is Mechanic and I’m online at the moment. I would prefer to play with other members during the weekends, although I may find time to come online a couple of hours each day during the weekdays as well. Let me know what level you all are below and what you think of the game thus far. :wink:

I have purchased this game, I have to admit it is definitely better than the first Horizon. Much, much bigger map and you’re not contained to the roads. You can go pretty much anywhere. I haven’t played it recently though because I’ve been too busy with The Evil Within.

I got it on friday as part of an XBO bundle.

I got eveil within, Forza and FIFA but i traded Evil within the next day.

Its not that i don’t like it, i just wouldn’t have time to play it especially with kids about.

Well Forza is great as you say… im still in the early stages so would’nt face you online just yet but possibly within a couple weeks as i can lean off you :wink: