Forza Horizon 3 PC

I was wondering if a Forza Horizon 3 tool for the PC will be made. I used Horizon for forza in the 360 all the time, then the damn xbox one came along and no luck for any tools, and it now came to the PC platform. I really hope a tool is made.

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I am sure for all of the forza games your data was kept on your profile and not on the Xbox 360 save file. Now, i would think that it will be the same for FH3 so a trainer may not be possible? I really hope we see one though. I would think there is a way around it for the PC version of the game?

if you want one make a suggestion, and include some features you would like to see, I’m sure they will find out if it is doable, but I’m sure there would be a high risk of ban

I wouldnt mind being banned from online features, i never play online. All i do i just cruise around in singleplayer and mod up all kinds of cars. And now with all the customization implemented, a lot of credits are needed😂.

Fingers crossed they are able to create a tool😁 Once all the issues on the PC version of the game are fixed and it runs smoothly, i will be playing that 24/7. For now, im progressing through my xbox one.

I think @unknown_v2 wanted to do it, not sure.

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well i hope he does, i will literally upgrade to diamond just for that one tool!!!

You know all of our PC trainers are free, right ?. If you upgrade to diamond, you support us but its not necessary to use anything.

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Damn it STN you are not supposed to tell them that, now they won’t buy diamond

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Well Ill upgrade to support you guys.

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not true, forza 2, 3 ,4 you could mod credits in with a hex edit for the game save, eventually even made a tool. Forza horizon 1 was the same I believe.

i used a trainer made by someone else and it only had freeze ai.

Unknown said he might look into after he got the majority of v2 assembler bugs fixed.

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