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Forza Horizon 3 Trainer?

Still looking for a solid answer on weather ya’ll are up to the task of making a trainer for this game. I saw a post asking about it back in Sept. and I believe the final thought was that if it could be done it would be made. I see another site has had one up and updated since launch almost. Thing is I been around here for awhile and don’t want to go anywhere else. I know there is concern with users getting the ban hammer dropped on them…then again that is something that is up to person and how stupid they are gonna be with it. I went it to request a game and it will not even show up as a game to request. Thanks in advance.

The only other site that I’ve seen with one has resulted in a ban for the majority of people using it. I don’t think it is a good idea as it allows online play to be manipulated.

i used one off another website its got like super speed/break and money and that i haven’t had any problems im just waiting for one for forza horizon 4 now
let me know if you want it
i use it offline though never had a problem