Forza Horizon 4

Would love to see one made for it.

  1. Idiot A.I.
  2. Inf Mission Time

Cheat Happens has one and I refuse to pay for it.

I don’t think Forza will be made.
The last trainer was abused online.

We will be adding FH4 to the voting list today.

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Please explain how you can abuse a trainer if all that its giving you is money ? Money just buys you cars and upgrades not winning races or being better at the game itself.

Well people got banned and tried to blame Wemod for it so there’s that.

People are dumb*sses I swear. “I cheated and got banned it’s Wemods fault”

First of all, no! You know damn well nobody forced you to cheat,

Everybody knows if you cheat at a game, that’s known to ban you for even thinking about it, that possibility of getting away with it is slim to none. PERIOD! You wanna cheat? Expect to be banned, if you can live with a ban, great! If you can’t, here’s a thought, DON’T DO IT THEN!

It honestly is irritating when people blame others for their own stupidity, not only does it make others look bad, it also ruins things for everyone.

I am waiting for FH4 to be added so I can add some money.

Any progress on this? i know it got voted in about a week ago or so?

Too many people abuse it online. I think that is what the debate is all about.

STN is working on a trainer

This game can’t be debugged. Extremely difficult to cheat as well.

I am doing a workaround but it will take time.

how could it be abused online?
and thanks stn

To be fair even if STN figures it out. They will just patch it and ban people. I have used the FM7 cheat online and haven’t been banned yet but to be fair I spent quite a bit of the money so I wouldn’t look suspicious. I also spent like all of it on the auction house lol. Gotta give back to the community.

I am done with the cheat. Just figuring out some stuff with wemod, if that fails might have to release a standalone trainer.

Use the cheat offline and you should be fine.

Is the options going to be like FM7 with the 999 Mill?

Not 99 mil but something like that yes

okay. Im going to get my online play in before I decide to use it.

thanks, looking fwd to it.

Should be up soon.

Should be up in 24 hrs