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So, after deleting my saves from xbox and trying to load backups from my laptop, Forza Horizon just ignores the injected files and creates new ones. I know this is to do with Forza save ID but I’m wondering if anyone has found an efficient way of getting your designs and setups back in the game, without having to create new setup/design spaces in game then injecting every file separately. I’ve got like 200+ car setups as well as around 400 designs and getting it back this way would take hours if not days

I’m really not hoping for much here since dealing with the mod community on x360 has been a rather unpleasant experience. Having modded PC games before, getting help from left to right, I’m really dissappointed in how unhelpful and even badly misleading people can be. Having paid for the tool I would expect some sort of a warning about backups at the very least, especially since there have been more than 2 updates since saves became untransferable.

I would greatly appreciate some assistance on this, I’ve always been sharing my setups as well as aiding newcomers as I had to find a lot of hex offsets myself without any help but reverse engineering of the mods I already had. To be honest, half of my pleasure from making new cars is sharing them back wiht the rest of Forza community and other players unable to mod, rather than being a shady show-off that outright lies to other people to keep them behind. Giving back to the community is part of the fun and pretty much one of the reasons why I purchased Diamond in the first place, to shame all these modders not willing to trade or help other players… If not xWeeny I cannot even imagine doing this by myself.

I am really hoping there is someone out there equally or more skilled operating with my idea of sharing and teamwork whos able to help, I’m not exactly a genius but I find that I’m still able to figure out more than 90% of people I’ve seen asking really dumb questions around here or even the game.

If someone is able to help me find an efficient way to inject and/or merge forza saves, you can count on my support with anything you might need in Forza games. From what’s left of FH1 players I would consider myself to be rather respected, especially in the drifting world and will happily help anyone with anything I can. I always believed in teamwork and making the game more fun for everyone instead of acting like absolute as***les treating people like I’ve often been treated by other Forza modders.

Thanks in advance for any support,


EDIT: As I realize this was more of a rant than request I give my word that should I find a quick way of transferring setups/designs I will update this thread leaving a solution. Though since the tool is used by paying subscribers I would have really expected developers to at least update livery editor to enable injecting multiple files.

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I wish they would update livery editor to enable injecting multiple files as well as, adding a tool to combine Forza saves, and Thanks for all your support too all gaming communities thereabout, we really appreciate your help and support.

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Appreciate the reply bro, updating the tools would be highly recommended, I really enjoyed making stuff and helping out non-modders which essentially attracts them to subscribe themselves.

I mean, I’m kinda upset how there was no mention about full saves not being injectable anymore which made me waste a good year progress as well as huge amount of good tunes. I actually had to scroll through dozens of non-sense posts before realizing I’m not getting any of the stuff back in unless I do it one by one. I would honestly rather start over, at least I could extract old setups in singles.

I’m sure you came in contact with other modders in-game and I wonder how was your experience of dealing with them. I really appreciate xWeeny’s codebook releases cause without them I’m pretty sure I woulda paid just to put unicorns + extra bit of cash (gotta say it’s still good value). Thankfully due to finding all that I stayed around and not planned on canceling anytime soon until yesterday. I really hope we get something official on this in the next few days.

If I can help you with anything, shoot me a private message. I’m more than happy to get these shady individuals wiped out by a friendly community. Teamwork is not only safer imo but stops all the s**t talking and grown dudes threatening one another with some funny claims. I’ve witnessed so much drama around modders it’s honestly been quite a hilarious experience.
Who knows what’s still out there to be discovered and why not help each other before the game dies out…

Thanks and happy modding :wink:


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So you are trying to inject old liveries you have into a profile that doesn’t have any liveries in the profile? So basically, you are trying to create the liveries, and inject them with the tool, instead of just replacing one by one with the tool?

I want to make sure I understand what the issue is.


Yeah that’s pretty much what I’m trying to do. Basically wiped my original saves off the flashdrive as I wanted to inject all my most recent backups. I didn’t realize Forza has some ID system preventing from injecting entire saved files so I lost everything assigned to my profile.

Obviously when putting the freshly injected saves back into xbox, the game doesn’t see them and just creates new files for everything. I don’t see any quick way of dropping old stuff in except saving random set-ups and liveries in game (which will take hours itself) and then injecting old files one by one. With the amount of stuff I had that could take me days.

I appreciate your quick response on the thread, hopefully there’s something that could ease the process of injecting the old files back.



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Yea there’s information you need to update throughout the files.

What files do you have that you are trying to inject? If you have just the livery files, it might be possible to inject but the thumbnail images would be missing unless you extracted those also?

Can you post an example of a file you tried to inject and the steps?

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Yeah I figured the save ID would be found by someone just not yet shared anywhere,

Steps I took:

  1. Moved all original GT assigned saves + Profile itself from HDD to flash drive

  2. Inserted flash drive into laptop and opened in HorizonMB

  3. Deleted all original Forza Horizon files

  4. Injected all Forza Horizon save file backups from laptop directory onto the flash drive through X360 Profile (Every save file - Main game save, livery catalogue, car set up, layer groups and photos) to make sure it assigns my GT as the owner.

  5. Dropped all the files back onto X360 HDD.

  6. Game failed to see any of them, creating new fresh saves next to the injected ones. (Game starting from 0%, no liveries or setups to be found)

Essentially lost literally everything I had - cars, progress, set ups/liveries/layers. I’ve looked into the files’ Device/Profile/Console IDs to make sure they are matching but that didn’t help anything, same thing happens no matter how I approach it.

I will update soon with link(I’ll upload Main save + Car Set Ups + Livery catalogue) maybe that will help.

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-What actually made me attempt to inject all backed up saves to replace the original files, was my design catalogue failing to appear in game after modding and saving (no error shown in horizonmb or game, car set ups and everything else showing just fine),

-Then I tried to inject the backup of that design catalogue, which didn’t load in game either (again, no corruption or other error, file clearly showing my GT as owner and every other save working). I checked IDs, again everything appeared fine… Yet the game still created new file right next to the original failing to see it.

-At that point I was tired of going on/off game and made the dumb decision of injecting all backup save files (ForzaProfile, CarSetups, LivCatalog etc.) through GT, erasing original saves.

I still hold all the backed up files in single/entire form (HDD files) as well as separately extracted single liveries/setups for each car.

I hope this makes sense, I’m sort of running out of ways to explain it here I don’t want to sound any more confusing. As far as I’ve read when doing it, injecting saves through GT profile are the best way to assign them correctly.

EDIT: Providing Main Save + Car Setup Save to keep size down (password in private message). I hope zippy is ok, fastest I know.


Virus Scan

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