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Forza Horizon Car Modding(I.E. Camber And Modded Wheel Tunes)

I know that horizon has a tool for the game but you can’t make wheel tunes or camber tunes with it. Does anyone know of one that does make them.(Please don’t say that you need a J-tag or RGH because I know for a fact that you don’t. It’s the same type of thing as when there was car mods(I.E. Nos and paint) on GTA.) I know that it can be done over USB.) Yes you can transfer a Forza 4 save for things like slight camber, drivetrain swaps, and engine swaps(drivetrain and some engines can’t be swapped in Forza Horizon.) but what I want to do is make wheel tunes. (Wheel tunes are tunes with wheels from other cars. Say you have an Audi and want BMW wheels. It can be done with a save editor and it’s not game breaking. People trade them like base ball cards but it’s a pain to sit in lobby’s and wait for the right tune. The tunes I want to make are rather rare.

Bump to this, I myself am wondering too

I’m (for the 2nd time) in the process of developing a tool that will allow you to mod car setups for Horizon (and Horizon 2) on the 360. Now, if you have Forza Motorsport 4 and Horizon Diamond, we can work together to build the tool in which then you can do all of what you’d like. :smile:

do yku have any other tools ready to download?

hey how can i be able to do that too, i have Diamond and Forza Motorsport 3 but when i go into the garage tab i can tune the cars directly, what can i do ? if horizon wont let me, what other app should i look into. ive been looking for a long while now but all info online about this are heavily outdated…

I sent you a PM about this. This is an old thread that nobody has been actively engaged in for about 4 years.

@ptondo, can you lock this one down? Thanks :slight_smile:

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