Forza horizon glowing paint dag nabbit

Okay, so I’ve been seeing many glowing paint jobs around, and I’ve even purchased some. However, I would greatly like to create my own, and NOT sell them on the storefront. I would like to ask HOW to create these paints from scratch code, but I don’t want to go there. I know enough about this mysterious glowing paint, and I just want to make it. I heard that if someone that had owned a glowing paint job were to unlock it for me, I’d be able to modify it and find it in my recent colors. I’m also asking if someone could possibly do that for me, If they own a glowing decal. I’ll pay them back if I must, with another car that they wish for.
Thank you.
P.S: I don’t want any foul lies here. I’m sick of them. This morning I had some gangsters tell me that I had to delete everything I owned on the game just to prevent a binding white screen in multiplayer. And, it was a lie. I AM SICK OF LIES. I DON’T WANT ANYONE THAT WILL DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT HERE. Please people, I just want glowing paint. Once again, thank you.
Have a great day.

Google is your friend :wink:

Thank you for the vids, but I’m looking for HOW TO. The second vid was absolutely no help sadly, due to “hey hey look at me ha ha glowing glowing uh uh I bought it off from the store” the first one however, still is not very very useful due to the fact that I haven’t even obtained the glowing paint. If you know how to create it easily, and you have the glowing paint yourself, all I need is just to borrow it.
Actually, the first vid taught me how to use it, so there’s that.
I searched around in Google, but still have not found much useful from what I know now. But yes, Google is my friend. :smile:

Contact smokeythebear or xweeny on the tech game for an explanation.

Any other ways? Also, once again, If you own a glowing paint job yourself, I’d really be happy and would like to obtain this glowing paint. This way seems easiest to me for now. I’ve had a long day with this confusing stuff.

Okay, so I had to find a polite person that had modded glowing paint right with them, send them one of my cars, have them paint it with that glowing paint, and send it back for me to play around with. I’m pretty sure that’s the easiest solution for if you want this glowing paint. But be sure to be polite back to a person that courteous! :smile: If anyone knows any other ways, feel free to speak up.