Forza Horizon Livery Unlock Problem

Hello so I just downloaded the latest version of Horizon. Now the Forza Horizon Livery unlock section of the Horizon tool wont let me unlock anything. Is their a way to fix this?

Can you post your save file? Also, do you have a description of the problem or a screenshot of what you see?

Yes let me upload my save file, and as for the description. When ever I plug my usb drive with my save file into my pc. I load up Horizon, and then click on the file explorer, and click on my forza horizon livery save. It loads my save but I can not select a livery type to unlock. Its just a grey out box.!uIlhFBLC!SQdD3hsKS6_uwpS6u4OAYWFGeIpWrBSNamQL3aO1Azo