Forza Horizon Speed Trap Locations?

Does anybody have a map of where all the speed traps are, I have one more to find but I have driven down all of the roads so I don’t know where to look.

Can someone upload a picture if they have found them all please, I have already looked online and can’t find one.

Do you have rt. 33?

Top of the map near Steel Works

Yeah I do. :anguished:

Could you list the ones you have?

PM me if that is easier for you.

Or just drive all the roads… There aren’t many of them (216 in total). There is an achievement for discovering all roads anyhow.

I will do it on here so other people can see if they need them. I have:

Red Rock speed trap
Sth Rt. 38
Rt. 38
West Rt. 27
Rt. 27
Rt. 29
East Rt. 27
Gladstone Speed Trap
Rt. 25
Beaumont Speed Trap
Carson Speed Trap

I said in the post that I have Driven all of them

The one you need is on the dam I think.
Invite me on xbox if you need help
GT: Konorr

Thanks, I will do tomorrow I have come off my xbox now.

Thanks! It was on the dam bridge.