Forza motorsport 3.. in 2022

Well hello everyone. I’ve been playing forza motorsport 3 on and off for 10 years and yesterday I finally found out about credit modding, and here I am!

I recently picked up GT7 on PS4 and i’m here playing forza 3 from 2009 on a 360. GT7 has loads of bugs and with unavailability of the game without an internet connection leaves a sour taste.

Is anyone out there still grinding this game? I’d love to get within a small community of players who still play this. Forza 3 seems to be forgotten to most, understandably so.

ATM I am 51% completed of all the races. Still a ways to go. I spend a lot of time tuning and drifting, and also going for my top speed record on Le Mans. The car i’ve had the most success with prior to getting max credits was the Mazda RX-7 with the 20b (or 26b?) swap. 427km/h top speed. I’ve also tried the exact same specs in a Mazda MX-5 but the chassis cannot handle the speed and max’s out at about 370km/h.
I just did a run with a fully kitted out Bugatti EB and got to 426 km/h.
I was keen to do the D-Type Jag, but when I went into engine swap the game froze, twice. I can fully mod it with the OG engine but wanted to see what else I could put in there. Does anyone else have this issue?

Forza 3 has, and always will be “the game” for me. I grew up playing GT1/2/3, but this game changed everything for me. I’ve constantly come back to it over the years and have always been impressed with the overall offerings Forza 3 has to give.

Last year my Brother passed away and this was one of the last games we grinded together. We used to live together and would grind to the early hours of the morning, completing career mode and modding cars together. I am now committed to 100% completing this game in respect of him, and it would be cool to share it with someone who cared along the way. Most people don’t care about Forza 3 anymore!

I’ve heard lots of people say 4 is the one for them, or 3, or FH1, but for me, its 3. I tried 4 and didnt enjoy it as much, so I’m sticking around and playing this for a while.

If anyone feels like adding anything at all, please feel free to leave a comment and I will keep in touch with you.


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