Forza Motorsport 4 Bans?

Anything yet?

Not me and I modded a couple mill. Didn’t use Horizon though and it won’t save anything cause it’s corrupt or something :anguished:

not yet.

I wouldn’t max it out. All you really need is probably 300M tops

max my money out and havent had a problem yet

Chances of being banned are pretty slim seeing how they brought in a token system to buy cars, and then you can turn around and sell them for cash. So they have no real way of knowing if you got your money thru mods or tokens.

Unless you want to be an idiot and leave your gamertag on this site, admitting to modding your forza 4 credits… Real smart. :expressionless:

so far only one person here as stated that they modded their save, you are just assuming we all did because we are replying to this thread… Real smart :expressionless:

I was implying the op. So before you assume what i am saying, read it properly and think.

I maybe new on this site, but there is no need to treat me any different.

So you can’t banned for this then.

HOW in the **** was I suppose to know that, do not assume I can read your mind. you now you can quote people.

you can get banned for anything that is against the ToS, like with gears the first 2 weeks no body is banned for gears 3 and then bam.

I just got banned i think when i click on the storefront it says this feature has been temporarily disabled and i cant get into the auction house.

Yep same here. My downfall was bidding on an expensive unicorn (~$20mil)

Otherwise i think i would have been fine

And the ban was xbox wide so my main got screwed :anguished:

Yeah me too, read your forza messages.
I really didn’t want to get banned on forza. Now my account that I just made will probably get suspended. Lame.

yup, I think im done modding anything. Second game second tag. Just lame.

Yes you can… I was just banned for all online features for using it.

I was so excitied for this game as well bought the LCE and season pass now i cant use 90% of the features.

My own fault though.

what did your messages say?

Mine says im banned FOREVER. YAY!

Where do you see that? Where does it say it?