Forza Motorsport 7

Hi guys. I would like to ask that can I get banned from Forza Motorsport 7 if I’m using the unlimited money in WeMod?

Probably will if use online.

And what if I only use it in the game’s offline mode just to buy cars or modifications?

Ya offline single player is fine thats what it’s made for

So I guess I wil try it.
Can you recommend something like, how much money should I spend or something like that?

In single player off line ? Bazillion dollars. Then you can buy all the cars. I guess as I dont play forza. I’m pretty sure they check for any online cheating and they are pretty strict about it

They are very strict, if you have any intention of getting on the auction house or racing online, do not use the trainer at all

Ola. como instalo esse trainer?? Estou utilizando a versao 1.141 da codex. ele funciona somente off , não vou usa-lo online