Forza userdata tampered with

I tet to extract carsetups and this comes up all the time so I cant edit the tunes :

The last time I saw this error it was due to a title update that increased the security on Forza save games.

Was there a recent update to the game?

Edit: if I remember correctly a fix was released for Horizon for it soon after so it may be a case of the developers needed to update the tool to bypass the updated security.

it does it on everyone i do exept one save :anguished:

So it works on all other saves except this one?

Upload your save to and I’ll have a look at it for you and see if I get the same error.

only one old one works

EDIT - Save :!bAg3xbJQ!rluaaDg99kpqfc51sAWDT2dWK78lsSiwe_6w8x96crI

Go to

Upload the save that doesn’t work there and I will try for you.