Found out something interesting from deep web

just found out something interesting trying to see all the levels of the secret web found this out. look at the seventh one down “tesla Expirement plans”

then look at this video

Just learning about the deepweb?

That wasn’t interesting at all, and “trying to see all the levels of the secret web” seriously?

There was a thread that blew up about this a while ago. Not really THAT interesting.

no lol i found uit interesting all the other levels that we cant reach -- so far we can only get to the deep web who hear has accessed the charter web probably no one --.

There’s a chart somewhere explaining what need to be done to get deeper. The last level is what no one has shared about.

The other thread me and some other people were talking about lollita sex dolls until it went dead :anguished:

yea ive been loking for a little while now i cant find anything on getting into the charter web its not explained anywhere. I even tried searching it in the deep web and nothing still ):.

There was some very interesting topics in the closed shell required section like WW2 Experiment Successes and Josef Mengele Successes. I wonder what can be read in those.

I think the Deep Web is interesting and i bet a lot of secret information lies in it too.

im guessing he succeeded in figureing out howw to change eye colors :expressionless: i was readin on it and it seems really pain full only 200 of his expirememnts survived out of like 1000 something.

That’s pretty insane to see that kind of stuff lies there also another thing that caught my eye was the location of Atlantis!

To a lot of people theyd think atlantis “lol we discovered that” but im thinking its code for underwater base"hence atlantis underwater" if not why would it be in that part of the deep web and how to get there as we already know were it is so it must be implying the REAL ATLANTIS?

I think half of these “webs” are government controlled stings.

yea they probably are thats why its probable for there to be more levels of the secret web makeing it harder for peopel to get to makeing it harder for law enforcments to get to.

I think people with information so sensitive would rather exchange it on a physical medium, such as a CD/Hard drive (with their security of course) and be sure of who they’re dealing with etc. rather than a network.