Free £10 Logitech Voucher for answering survey

Well, another deal, I’m on a roll today.

All you need to do is fill out a very short from Logitech to get £10 off at their online shop. Their items may be more expensive than Amazon, but I’m sure you can use multiple emails to get more codes, plus you are entered in to a prize draw for their ‘MX Master’ mouse.

Their are 7 questions which are all tick box questions.

PS: I think this is UK exclusive, unless another similar promotion is happening for America.

Oops, I forgot the link.

The code will be sent within 5 working days after completion.

Disposable Emails:

Bumping this.

I got my code today, a day after completing the survey.

If you completed the survey and inputted your gmail address, make sure you look in the promotion tab in your inbox and not your primary.


I got mine. Has anyone tried redeeming more than one?

No, I am gonna try when I get my 2nd. I guess I have to wait another day.

I tried but Im from Canada. I tried the code on the UK website and confirm that this works. You cant ship to anywhere other than Europe. The code does not work for North American websites.

Welp… Any Europeans want my voucher?

You can only use one per purchase, its not like you could use 5 and get a free headset

Still good though.

Seeing as multiple codes won’t work, it’s kinda pointless to tell you this trick but…

You can put a dot in any gmail address, any website will see it as a whole new email, but it will still go to the normal address. e.g. or would be the same as and that’s where the emails will go.

I didn’t even charge you for that one :wink:

thanks i’ll take a look at this…

time to exploit this and get thousands of them

Not completely pointless, we can just buy a bunch of different, 10 pound, things.