FREE Battlefield 3 on Origin! [UNLIMITED]

Hey guys! =] Ever wanted Battlefield 3 for free on Origin? Well, this is your chance! Hurry before it get’s patched :smile: There is a Key going around and you can get BF3 for FREE on Origin! Yes that’s right, for free! You can redeem this MORE than ONCE. So it doesn’t matter if someone claims it, it will still be valid! :smiley:


EDIT: Some people might be getting this error now,

If you are getting this, (I know many people are for some reason) then please try again later! It’s probably cause many people claimed it at the same time.

Have fun! :smiley:

I’m just getting error

Try it now, is it still giving you guys an error? :S

still error :anguished:

Yeup, error for me too.

You can only assign one key per Battlelog account anyway…
Wouldn’t work even if the key did redeem. So there was no glitch.

If two keys are the same and sign on Punkbuster will kick one or the other. So it’d be useless.

Lol what? It is a “glitch” like hundreds of people got the FULL Game using this Key today. And yeah, I know it’s only I key per battlelog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because you have the game and downloaded it doesn’t mean you’ll be able to play it. The key you use to redeem is your CD key in your registry that Punk Buster reads. Meaning you can’t play multiplayer if you used this key. Origin and BF3’s verification are two entirely different services.

Doesn’t matter if its a glitch, typical PC game DRM regardless.

Are you sure you can’t play Multiplayer? I swear people has been playing it with this Key… anyways, thanks for the info!

I’m positive, I own the game. And check your registry the key is stored there and Punk Buster verifies it every time you play online. Punk Buster has always done this since the very first BF. Only one person is playing with this key, and he’s getting kicked off every 5 minutes because someone else tries.

Method is patched! Please close the thread! :smile:

Promo was Valid for only 1 Hour Yesterday!