Free Call of Duty : World at War mods

Will be doing COD 5 mods sometime in the near future (4-5) days, thought I would get this post ready so people can post their names and get them done ASAP.

What will you get?

It all depends on what patch I use (recomendations?)
But you will definetly get 10th prestige…

Proof that I am capable of hosting lobbies (Hotswapping)

The list - Post your name and I will add you to the list, as soon as I recieve my Dual layer discs and have a ready patch, this is the order I will send invites to, If your offline I will go to the next person etc… (if you are offline I will try again or PM me to tell me your online.)

  1. ilikecheetahs
  2. ttg snoods
  3. Mod me 10th
  4. No PP Touchiing
  5. XxIDestroyerIxX

Please bear with me I still don’t have my DVD’s that I have ordered - Received!!


ttg snoods also if you want the best mods you can get go to

Ahh sucks of your doing tenth on Cod5 by the first Nazi map[Only one you can do it by]

My disc has over 5-6 rings around it don’t work on that specif map. ): :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, I got 10th 65 legit.
I’m a boss.
Waw: 10th 65
CoD4: 10th 55
MW2: 10th 70 (9th 59, about 5 months ago when I got my first system link).

Oh yea MarraModder im friends with him on Xbox hehe, hes a cool guy and I also iso mod :thumbsup:

I think you can do it on other maps in zombies Guess ill have to wait and see… give me yout GT and ill add you to the list anyway.

I was about to start ISO modding, I had everything except the screwdriver to open xbox for hotswapping.
I didn’t feel like waiting so I just gave up.

If your not 10th on COD 5 ill happily add you to the list mate :smile:

Hey benewen if you can’t host it I can just pm if you want me to host it. :smile:

No thanks the idea of this thread is to get a list of people wanting it doing so I can do it when I get my Dual Layer discs to burn the mod onto.

I posted before saying that I was already 10th 65 in WaW.
I don’t need mods.
I have pure skill.
But mods are fun, just not if they ruin my legit-ness after I already got 10th.

This should be Diamond only.

Anyways, Invite Mod me 10th please.

Pretty sexy Man:
GT: No PP Touchiing


Sweet I Thought There Was No Modded Lobbies On This Site Though :0

Ok I will be hosting tommorow (14/11/10) at around 4.15PM GMT so please be online!

Good stuff repect fo prooing it ! but hotswapping can be easily done nwo

i cant remember the last time i played that game… O_o

Add me to the list