[Free Content] [Expires 5th November] Borderlands 3 Halloween Content

Borderlands 3 are giving away some free Halloween-themed in-game cosmetic content.

  1. Log into or register for an account here: https://shift.gearboxsoftware.com/

  2. Go to the “Gaming Platforms” section of your account settings (or click here).

  3. Connect all the platforms (Steam, PS4 (aka Sony Entertainment Network), Xbox One, etc) that you want to redeem the free content on.

  4. Go to the Rewards tab of your account settings (or click here).

  5. Enter the code:

  6. Select a platform to redeem the free things on.

  • You can claim this free content for every platform that you have connected to your account. Though you will need to do this one by one - refresh the page and re-enter the code again.

  • You can claim this free content even if you do not currently own the game on the chosen platform(s).

  • Note that you are not getting the game for free. Just the Halloween-themed content.

  • Expires on the 5th November.

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appears to be the same “Spooky Heads” code/content as last year.

a shame they didn’t add anything extra.

on a side note : they do appear to be adding new rewards running with the in-game event.