Free Destiny Blacksmith Armor Shader DLC Giveaway

hi, this is my first giveaway for Destiny Blacksmith Armor Shader Giveaway

Minimum Posts= 20
Minimum Thanks= 5

can you like add me in the contest lol i been a member over 3 years with diamond lol… i dont really post so i dnt have 51 thanks or 51 posts :anguished:

you have 1 week, still active and you’ll meet the requirements, you can do it bro.

thank you for lowering it that is greatly appreciated!.. ill try to get some posts and thanks <3…

I’m in. Good luck to nobody.

LMFAO thats funny man … made me laugh haha

Thanks for the giveaway Evil!

Looks like you have enough thanks to enter!

I’m in :smile: haven’t got destiny yet, but it’s with the postman on its way lol

Entered, thanks for the giveaway bro.

Thanks for the Giveaway and best of luck to all who enter!

thank you to whoever gave me a thanks so i can enter the contest! and i have just entered :smiley: … Greatly appreciated…

Entered, Thanks for chance to win! :smiley:

add meeeeeee

Thanks, much appreciated.

AWESOME, Thank You

Hopefully I can win this contest since I didn’t get any pre-order bonus, considering I didn’t have enough money at the time.

hehe hope i won…

Damn, black and gold… so class… i want it too… Actually i got Blue and Orange… not funny…:stuck_out_tongue:
edit / i can’t try to get lucky… so frustrated !!

entered thanks!

I’d like to enter