[Free Ebooks] [Expires 31st May] Many free ebooks to help cope with COVID-19 isolation

Not related to games, but another area electronic entertainment - Ebooks.

Several ebooks are being given away for free (or some being heavily discounted) as part of a scheme called “Authors Give Back”, which is being run by Smashwords.
The scheme aims to help people cope in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic by giving them something to help them pass the time.

There are plenty of books available for free. Some of my recommendations are:

See all available ebooks as part of the Authors Give Back scheme by clicking here.


The expiration for this event has been extended from the 20th April to the 31st May.

Still plenty of time to grab some free books. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the notice, the only thing I love more than books is free books :open_book::smiley: :books:

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You’re most welcome indeed.
Enjoy them! :smiley:

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