Free Forza 4 DLC?

I bought the Forza 4 Limited Edition and it should be arriving tomorrow.
To be honest, I have never wanted or attempted to put the time into getting free DLC for games. I know other people like to do this though so I am wondering if I would be able to use the DLC I get and give it to you guys.

For jtag users we just need the DLC, but to share for people to use the second profile, they will need a duplicate of your account.

My account? I don’t want to give away my own account… Can I give a different account on my Xbox? Isn’t it console signed?

Not 100% sure how it works, but it has to be the account that downloaded the DLC "because that account can use the DLC on any console since it originally purchased it.

Hm… Alright…
Well I will figure it out.
If that is true, then I can use a dummy account for the DL, give it away, then use the DLC on my main.
Hopefully. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Forgot about that, yeah you can use another profile that has downloaded the DLC. But I would like the DLC “for my jtag” no profile needed.

Well look for a thread from me tomorrow or Thursday then. Depending on how slow UPS ships.

If you have the Collectors Edition which is the one you got I’m assuming, you will get all the cars avalible and the new BMW M5. Along with Benchmark and Top Gear’s Test Track. With the Season Pass for $30.00, you save %33 on ALL add-ons for the game. Also 25 extra muscle cars which they are pretty f*cking sweet having scoops and special parts for them and them only :wink:

simple , if you got LCE for forza 3 and have the vip packs then we can transfer cause i have all LCE for forza 4 .

licensed to your account and xbox.

Yup bring a dead thread back alive. >.<

Well in Forza3 the DLC wasn’t signed to a profile and could be used without the profile, what about Forza4?

eh oh well, i didn’t check the last time it was posted on, was just browsing through posts. i could honest care less, if i have something to say, i say it.

Well then you get infracted…
But either way I will be posting this soon!
I will see if it works