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[Free Game] [Expired] Earth 2150 Trilogy

Hello gamers.

The Earth 2150 trilogy is free, until Steam keys run out.

Here’s some information about the trilogy:

Getting it for free
There is a bit of prior work required to get the trilogy for free. It should take you roughly 5 to 7 minutes. You’re mostly just clicking buttons.

  1. Register an account at or log into an existing one.

  2. On your profile (, add the current gaming hardware that you use and answer a few review questions about them (no typing required, just clicking buttons).

  • You must review one of each: a mouse, a keyboard, a headset and a mousepad.
  • Once done, click the blue button that appears underneath the four things you just reviewed.
  1. Go here: Scroll down to the blue form and enter the email address you registered to the site with. Then prove you’re not a bot (or are you?) and click “Get Your Steam Key”.

  2. Copy your key. Log into Steam and go here to redeem the key:

“Sorry, but we are all out of keys. Feel free to join our Discord for more giveaways or check out, we got one more running there!”

Well, those went pretty quick. :laughing:

Until next time, folks!