[Free Game] [Expired] Earth 2150 Trilogy

Hello gamers.

The Earth 2150 trilogy is free, until Steam keys run out.

Here’s some information about the trilogy:

Getting it for free
There is a bit of prior work required to get the trilogy for free. It should take you roughly 5 to 7 minutes. You’re mostly just clicking buttons.

  1. Register an account at https://www.xplayn.com/ or log into an existing one.

  2. On your profile (https://www.xplayn.com/user/me/edit), add the current gaming hardware that you use and answer a few review questions about them (no typing required, just clicking buttons).

  • You must review one of each: a mouse, a keyboard, a headset and a mousepad.
  • Once done, click the blue button that appears underneath the four things you just reviewed.
  1. Go here: https://www.xplayn.com/blog/earth-2150-giveaway. Scroll down to the blue form and enter the email address you registered to the site with. Then prove you’re not a bot (or are you?) and click “Get Your Steam Key”.

  2. Copy your key. Log into Steam and go here to redeem the key: https://store.steampowered.com/account/registerkey

“Sorry, but we are all out of keys. Feel free to join our Discord for more giveaways or check out xplayn.com, we got one more running there!”

Well, those went pretty quick. :laughing:

Until next time, folks!